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Good Evening…. I am Jo.

My world is very simple, but it seems crazy.

And tonight our story begins…..

As I write my children are in the bath…, I hear splashing and natter…. my daughter has made a Pizza in the bath …. you will learn darling….. a fine man will run you a bath with pizza , and the finest wine.😂

My Boy has Down syndrome and none of us care….. ha ha …. we don’t …..

back to the bath situation…., I m struggling with my eyes, and so was my boy!

We had an appointment , a routine one that to be honest given I commute to and fro from work I really felt was not needed.

Hmm ….I will write more about that appointment if you fancy….. he can hardly see

It’s 3 AM

Good morning , it’s a bit early for a natter but I am wide awake.

I have been awake for a while with a wandering in the night little boy.

Seems like he has a temperature of nearly 38 degrees and being mother of the year, I scraped together a dose of Calpol to quell the symptoms.

Plenty of cuddles going on and Mummy gazing in my bed, seems to be the best medicine.

Trouble is I am supposed to be working today…. alarm is set for 6 AM…. the mad rush would normally begin with a few sips of a hot cup of tea and finishing a cold cup of tea as I put my coat and hat on as I ask my dear children if they can see the moon? It’s dark when we leave the house in the morning, and they love to look for the moon…. if we can’t see it….. I tell them the moon went bang!!!

It distracts them from the cold, gloomy, darkness of a winter morning.

I t makes me feel better that they are on an adventure as we walk to start our day.

In no time we are there, two safely delivered children in a lovely warm home, can say bye mummy and go and play.

But today, no sleep and a poorly boy means that the moon adventure will just have to wait another day, work will not be happy but with no one to help me there is no other option.

Good morning.